All Aboard the JSK!

All Aboard the JSK!

The Joseph S Kennedy Experience

A voyage aboard the Kennedy affords you the unparalleled seamanship and experience of its captains, led by the driving force behind the Portland Harbor Fleet team, Captain Eugene (Gene) Willard.

The Kennedy is a 50 ft. Navy launch built in 1985. It is named for Joseph S. Kennedy, who completed three different tours of duty with the U.S. Navy in both WWI & WWII.

First of all, what a ride. You’ll really enjoy the smooth command of this vessel that each Portland Harbor Fleet captain displays. Total command and control, with your comfort as a passenger always the first priority.

You’ll board at JSK’s permanent berth, along the wharf at 202 Commercial Street on Portland’s waterfront. There’s nothing more fun than a great boat ride, so get ready for a ride of a lifetime. Whether you’re exploring Casco Bay’s impressive military history, which dates back more than three centuries, or heading out to explore the bay’s culinary and entertainment attractions, you’re sure to have a “bon” voyage.

UB85 is a name that derives from the term “Utility Boat,” a term the United States Navy uses for vessels that assigned as launches to navy bases or larger ships, like aircraft carriers. UB85 was built in 1985, and its original mission was to serve the Navy as a lunch vessel, assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt

The boat is named for Joseph S. Kennedy, who completed three different tours of duty with the U.S. Navy. His first began in 1911 when he was 18, and his last ended in 1944. Born in East Boston to a seafaring family, he apprenticed aboard the sloop-of-war USS Constellation, sister ship of the USS Constitution, and the last sail-only warship designed and built by the Navy.

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